County’s Emergency Management Office Issues Updates On COVID-19 And Vaccines


The County’s Emergency Management Office has issued several updates in light of recent events regarding COVID-19 and vaccines:

Booster Vaccines: In response to recent news at the national level that booster shots are advised for those who have received COVID-19 vaccines eight months ago or later, the Los Alamos County Emergency Management Office has begun coordinating a vaccine clinic for Los Alamos that will be held in conjunction with the New Mexico Department of Health and Nambe Drugs. The County is waiting on approval from the Centers for Disease Control and NM DOH prior to releasing details; however, the clinic is expected to occur in October. More details will be forthcoming.

Recent data released by the CDC also indicated that immunocompromised individuals should receive a booster vaccine. Those individuals should register on the NM DOH site; Los Alamos County does not plan to hold a clinic specifically for that purpose, but the vaccine is available through other providers or a primary care physician.

Request for assistance: NM DOH has asked counties and municipalities to assist them in a call for staffing the COVID phone hotline. Individuals with a medical background who are interested in assisting should contact Clinton Kiltz at 505-709-5888.

Missing Vaccine Cards: Individuals who do not have the vaccine card issued to them at the time of their vaccine can obtain a printed copy showing they were vaccinated by going online to the DOH website located at – please note that Los Alamos County encourages all vaccinated individuals to take the time to visit the website and check their profile for the COVID-19 vaccine information that should be logged on their personal profile. There have been reports that individuals – especially those who received the COVID-19 vaccine early in the process (for example, December or January) – have profiles that are not displaying their COVID-19 vaccine history in – if that is the case, individuals should alert the NM DOH directly, not the County. Additionally, information on vaccine status such as vaccine type and dates administered should still be available for viewing online using the DOH vaccine profile created by an individual in order to register and receive the vaccine:

Face coverings required: As a reminder, face coverings are required in all County facilities at this time. Paper disposable face masks are being replenished and should be available near facility entrances, in lobbies or at front desks upon entering County facilities.

Future updates and news: The County continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation at the local, state and national level in order to provide the community with updates on topics such as these on its COVID-19 webpage:

Additional questions or concerns can be directed to the County’s Emergency Management Office by calling 505-662-8283 or by emailing