County Environmental Services Wants Your Cardboard


Recycling one ton of cardboard saves over 9 cubic yards of landfill space. Recycling flattened, clean corrugated cardboard in one of multiple cardboard dumpsters around Los Alamos County saves space in your recycle roll cart and helps the County save money. The County pays a $26 fee to process, sort, and market every ton of mixed recycle and this doesn’t include shipping costs. Cardboard on the other hand is a lucrative commodity. Not only is recycling excellent for the environment, it is also valuable and can generate a small profit that is used to help fund the current recycle programs. For these reasons, we are encouraging Los Alamos County residents to recycle cardboard separately at the below convenient locations. Additionally, businesses can request a cardboard dumpster for no additional cost. 

Corrugated cardboard is the cardboard that is made up of three layers of paper that includes an inside liner, outside liner, and a middle-ruffled shaped liner that runs between the two. This is the type of cardboard you typically see in delivery boxes from Amazon, UPS, etc. They are different from cereal boxes that can be flattened and placed in your recycle roll cart.

Where can you take your corrugated cardboard? There are multiple places in Los Alamos County that you can take flattened cardboard and the locations may be closer to your home than the Lemon Lot. The following is the list of places you can take your cardboard:

  1. Los Alamos County Municipal Building
  2. North Mesa Soccer Field
  3. Lemon Lot
  4. Overlook Collection Center
  5. Eco Station
  6. Fire Station #2
  7. Fire Station #3
  8. Fire Station #4

Additionally, when you take your cardboard to the Eco Station or Overlook Collection Center, it does not count against your 12 annual loads. It is completely free to drop cardboard off for recycling.  Remember to flatten your cardboard before putting it in the dumpsters. For more information please feel free to contact Environmental Services at 505-662-8163,, or check out the website at