Thoughts From The Farm: Yoga Fencing

A fence at the beautiful Quarter Circle Ranch. Photo by Sage Faulkner


There may be a few of you who have pondered the very question I pondered today (cowboy purists look away, the thought may just be too painful to imagine).  Here it is, my question of the day:  Can one fix fence in yoga pants?  I’m here to tell you, (after further reflection, and, well, trying it) that it is not a good idea (I like to learn by doing things my own darn self).

I know, I know, some of you wonder whether I know anything at all (and the older I get, the less I know….so take that for what it’s worth).  Anyhoo —it’s supposed to be a full day of inside chores, except a few quick things: put mineral out, check cows, check for the little bull, make sure fences are still standing….But the rest of the day is inside, so I can work with Bay and do the inside duties that I have been neglecting for years.

I’m usually always one for telling my kids to dress for the work we are doing.  With that said, I get to be a hypocrite some days, it’s how I ensure my kids learn about such things.  And I technically am dressed for all the laundry, dusting, mopping, and such….and who wants to change for one measly hour’s worth of work.  I did put on my gloves.

Off I go, and of course I have to fix several strands of barbed wire, and of course the wire springs around and bites me in the derrière which has no denim pockets of protection covering the rather tender, wimpy layer of skin.  I howl and jump; my dog, sleeping soundly in the shade, jumps and bangs his head on a tree limb and runs to me ready to bite the bear that has harmed his mistress.  Seeing only me, and maybe noticing the yoga pants, he heads over the hill to the house, leaving me to fence by myself.  I finish up, sit gingerly on the four wheeler and make a quick count of mamas before heading home.  

Some days you are the bug and some days you are the windshield.  

Have a beautiful rest of your day!  Enjoy your work, and whatever chores come your way…count your blessings in an able body and willing heart, and dress however the heck you want, because I’m sure not one to judge!  Over n out my friends!