PED: Statement On School Shooting In Albuquerque


Public Education Secretary Ryan Stewart and Secretary Designate Kurt Steinhaus issued the following joint statement regarding a shooting today in Albuquerque Public Schools:

“This is a horrendous day for New Mexico. Today’s tragic event at Washington Middle School in Albuquerque means the terrible scourge of school violence has landed on our doorstep. While many details are still unknown, we do know that shots were fired, that a child is dead, and that someone is in custody. We can only imagine the terror felt by students, teachers and staff as they took cover in a place where they should feel safe. We can only imagine the terror felt by families rushing to pick up their children, fearing the worst. And the senseless and violent death of a child in our protection is, indeed, the worst. We share in your grief and pain as we once again are called upon to reflect on our failure — as adults and as a society — to protect and preserve the lives and health of our children. We are reaching out to offer our assistance to Principal Modesta Hernandez and to Superintendent Scott Elder.”