Four Short Films By Los Alamos Teens To Screen At Fuller Lodge This Weekend

Young filmmakers and instructors from a two-week class resulting from the collaboration of several local organizations are recognized at a recent premier event at Fuller Lodge. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

A recent premier event at Fuller Lodge for four films produced by local teens during a two-week class. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Parents and guests at the premier event. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Los Alamos Teen Center Director George Marsden describes the collaboration involved in the filmmaking program. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

The Family YMCA CEO Chris Daniels, left, and PAC-8 executive director Jean Gindreau-Davison. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

David Daniel emcees the premier event for the four films. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Mark Meana, second from left, and friends at the film premier event. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Four short films by Los Alamos teens will be shown throughout this weekend at Fuller Lodge during the 40th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair. The films are the result of two weeks of classes held last month and were first shown at a premier at Fuller Lodge last month. The classes were part of a collaborative program involving several local organizations, including the Los Alamos YMCA Teen Center, PAC-8 Los Alamos, the Los Alamos Youth Activity Center, Los Alamos Arts Council and Fuller Lodge Art Center.

The films will be screened on the hour from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14. Each screening will include all fur films and feature never before seen interviews with the screen writers and actrs. The screenings will run approximately 45 minutes.

“The fact that these kids went from zero to what you’re about to see in two weeks is nothing short of phenomenal. These films are diverse in their subject matter; some of them are funny, some of them are heart-wrenching. All of them are expressions of emotional depth and creative risk-taking that really has left me quite honored to be able to say that I was involved in any way,” said instructor David Daniel.

“Greater Than Science” by Mark Meana is about a young person struggling with the expectations being placed on him by academia and finding the balance between pursuing practicality and pursuing passion, Daniel said. It features Marika Koronkin, Aeron Engeman, Katherine Petersen and David Daniel.  Executive producer is George Marsden, producer is David Daniel, director is Jean Gindreau-Davison, Assistant director is David Daniel, director of photography is Jean Gindreau-Davison, and editors are Mark Meana, Jean Gindreau-Davison, Bendt Dahl and Aeron Engeman.

“Devil in the Details”, written by Juliana Jordan, is an adaptation of a novel in progress that she is working on.

“It’s kind of a slice of life of this fantastical reality. It involves two best friends, who as teenage girls often decide to do, decide to summon a demon together. And it turns out that each of them is hiding secrets from the other and the demon is the least of their problems,” Daniel said.

“Devil in the Details” features Mila Moseley, Sophie Bathrick-Price and Annie Xie. Executive producer is George Marsden, producer and director is David Daniel, director of photography is Ryan Schultz, set consultant is Bendt Dahl, assistant director of photography is Jae Park, and editors are Marika Koronkin, Lyudmila Moseley and Aeron Engeman.

“The Phone Booth”, written by Aeron Engeman, is  a film about an evil phone booth, and what it takes to escape the lies others tell us about ourselves. It has more of a horror vibe to it, Daniel said. It features Lyudmila Moseley, Sophia Bathrick-Price,  DeJa Talfoya, and the voices of Isabel Meana, Mark Meana, Juliana Jordan and Katherine Petersen. Executive producer is George Marsden, producer and director is David Daniel, director of photography is Ryan Schultz and assistant director of photography is Jae Park. Editors are Isabel Meana, Bendt Dahl and Jean Gindreau-Davison.

“Eggshell”, written by Marika “Doodle” Koronkin, tells the story of a trans woman who has been forced for the majority of her life to live in a gender non-conforming way, Daniel said.

“It is shot almost entirely in black and white. The level of artistry in the script as it was given to me absolutely took my breath away. So I am very honored especially to be previewing a film this bold and this brave, especially from young people right here in our community,” Daniel said. “I think it’s a good representation of everything that might come out of programming like this.”

“”Eggshell” features Nate Golden and Juliana Jordan. Executive producer is George Marsden, producer is David Daniel, director is Bendt Dahl, assistant director is David Daniel, director of photography is Bendt Dadl and editors are Dahl and Nate Golden.

“It’s very exciting that a lot of organizations in town are partnering and putting our expertise and resources together to do something like this so that we can really provide for our students an avenue into the film industry. With Netflix in Albuquerque, film is big business in New Mexico. Providing this opportunity for our students, especially when they can churn stuff like this, is incredible,” Daniel said.

Special thanks to Aspen Copies, Los Alamos Historical Society, Mesa Public Library, United Christian Church Thrift Store and METEOR Creativity Initiative Los Alamos.