Sociopathic Government

Los Alamos County Councilor

We have a new recommendation from the CDC that COVID vaccinated individuals must wear masks.  This is odd, as many people had the vaccine to go about their normal mask-less life.  The CDC said that the vaccines were safe and effective and recommended them to stop the epidemic.  These statements above are inconsistent. If the vaccine is effective then the vaccinated would be protected, and not require masking.  The CDC is essentially admitting that the vaccine is ineffective.

Now we have before the Los Alamos County Council a request from the governor to endorse the use of employer vaccine mandates.  She wants to force compliance using threats against the employment of the unvaccinated.  The real sociopathic behavior is when the governor blames the unvaccinated for the continued epidemic when we actually have a vaccine that does not stop the illness.  This is just the worst kind of scapegoating, and the public should loudly denounce it at the meeting tonight.