Community Development Advisory Board Seeks Community Input On County Nuisance Code

Community Development Advisory Board Chair

Recently, the Los Alamos County Council approved a communications and outreach plan for the Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB). This is a plan that was developed by our communications working group to both inform as well as get feedback from the community about the Chapter 18 nuisance code. This feedback will help the board collaborate with the consultant, Dekker/Perich/Sabbatini, during the
re-write process for the nuisance code.

The board is looking for constructive, honest feedback about what the community likes and dislikes about the nuisance code. We want to know what is working well and what isn’t working, so that we can get a solid picture of what the community wants from the nuisance code.

The overall plan is to release a quick statement or question regarding a specific section of the code once or twice a week to both inform and encourage discussion about the topic. We are hoping for the statements to be posted in several different places including the Community Development Department (CDD) portion of the county website, Nextdoor, Facebook, and possibly other locations as well. We will welcome any constructive criticism and feedback to help with the nuisance code re-write.

I personally am very excited about this communications plan, because of the opportunity for excellent feedback. I strongly urge the community to watch for these posts and I hope people will be willing to provide some feedback to help the process.