What Is Coworking? – Five Reasons Why It Is The New Way To Work

Community & Marking Manager
projectY cowork

The past couple of years have been a difficult time for us all. We have had to reinvent ourselves, our families, and our work, all while trying to stay healthy in the midst of the unknown. 

Did you know that there is a new way to work? Coworking’s popularity is surging because it fixes so many work day challenges. projectY cowork has been a part of the Los Alamos community for 5 years now and can provide a more flexible and healthy way to work, whether you drop in for a day, get a punchcard, or a regular monthly membership. Here are the top 5 reasons why coworking beats traditional offices and working from home. 

Number 1: Flexibility

Who said having a work/life balance was hard or impossible? Coworking makes that balance, and so much more, possible. projectY cowork is open 24/7, so with a membership you can get what you need to get done — at a time that works for you. We also have the flexibility in our space to sit and work where you are most comfortable, from a table, to a couch, beanbag, or even a soundproof phone booth.

Number 2: Community

The people who use coworking spaces are one-of-a-kind and even more so are our members at projectY cowork. Being a part of our community means you have access to Member Discounts at local restaurants and breweries; equipment like tripods, A/V systems, photo backdrops, tables/chairs and more that will enable you to better market your business or event; and we regularly accommodate member requests for coffee, a soda stream maker and more. You can have an office-like environment that’s more fun and with people who work for different companies. And you will likely even make some new friends!   

Number 3: Collaboration

Ever been stuck on a project and needed a fresh perspective? The great thing about coworking is that the members here are from a variety of different backgrounds and industries, so getting new eyes and advice is easy to come by. Coworking has a motto: “Working Solo, but Not Alone.” Every person who comes in is with a different company and/or industry but they are here to add that social aspect many remote workers don’t get from working at home or in their private offices. It is so wonderful to see the members here at projectY discuss projects, ask questions, request some fresh eyes or ideas on a piece, and more. But, if you just want to stop by to focus and get work done, members respect your privacy as well. 

Number 4: Amenities

Living in Los Alamos, we all know it can get hot in the summer and many of us are without air conditioning at home. projectY cowork offers amenities that sometimes you just can’t get at home – a comfortable, air conditioned workspace, included! We boast high-speed wifi, printer and scanning, access to a conference room with a dedicated phone line, white board and TV for presentations, and other amenities like access to a network of local and regional professionals who can advise on a variety of topics — from accounting to marketing. 

Number 5: It’s Different!

Having a routine is a good thing, but at the same time, it can get old or boring. For me, I notice that when I get too comfortable I don’t push myself to do better or change. Since we’re located in the center of downtown, you can walk to grab a coffee (or get some at projectY for free!), a sandwich, or even a piece of chocolate next door. Or, take a break and stroll around Ashley Pond. With coworking the atmosphere is different, our members can come in whenever they want, and that bit of difference can spark something new! 

And if you don’t believe me, check out this article in the Harvard Business Review: https://hbr.org/2015/05/why-people-thrive-in-coworking-spaces

This coming Monday, Aug. 9, is International Coworking Day to celebrate this collaborative, flexible way of working. projectY will offer free coworking on this day to all who would like to come check us out. No reservations are needed, just stop by! Free coffee, snacks, special discounts on memberships and punchcards, coupons and giveaways to all attendees! Normal operating hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. but our members also receive 24/7 access. For more information, check out our website at www.projectYLosAlamos.com, give us a call at 505-661-4862 or shoot me an email at christina@losalamos.org.