News From Kiwanis Club Of Los Alamos


The Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos met by Zoom on Tuesday, August 3.  The meeting began with a scholarship presentation to Audrey Nolen a former Vice-President of Kiwanis-sponsored Key Club.  Audrey raved about a trip to the Key Club International Convention in Baltimore.  The Kiwanis Club paid for the trip for four of the Key Clubbers.  Audrey also talked about tutoring a kindergarten student last year.  Audrey will be attending the honors program at Baylor University this fall.

The program for the day included speakers from Bathtub Row Brewing.  Kiwanians were interested in the secret of their success.  Speakers included General Manager, Doug Osborn, and Head Brewer, David Seymore.  Doug has been in the brewing business for a long time.  David has recently relocated to Los Alamos from St. Louis.  He brought with him the secret to a brilliant pilsner.  He said that all beers have different combinations of three ingredients – grain, hops, and water.  Various yeasts then foster the fermentation to different types of beers.  Ales are the most common because they can be brewed faster.  Lagers and Pilsners take longer, but the Bathtub Row folks take pride in their lagers.  Both speakers gave credit to former County Councilor, Antonio Maggiore, for the Bathtub Row landscaping.

Traditionally the Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos has a social event and does not meet on the fifth Tuesday of the month.  Therefore, on Tuesday, August 31 they will have a picnic at Rover Park in White Rock.