PED To Require Masks For All Indoors At Elementary Schools And Those Without Proof Of Vaccination At Secondary Schools While Indoors


The Public Education Department on Friday released its the updated COVID-19 Response Toolkit to school districts throughout the state. Key points in the update include:

  • All individuals in elementary schools regardless of vaccination status are required to wear a mask while:
    •  in a school building,
    • on school transportation, 
    • or at an indoor school-sponsored event.
  • Secondary school students, staff, and volunteers who are fully vaccinated and provide documentation of full vaccination are not required to wear masks.
  • Secondary school students, staff, and volunteers who are unvaccinated (and those who do not  provide documentation of full vaccination) are required to wear masks while:
    • in a school building, 
    • on school transportation, 
    • or at an indoor school-sponsored event.
  • Masks are not required outdoors for any individual.
  • Unvaccinated spectators are required to wear masks at indoor school events; however, they are not required to provide evidence of vaccination status.
  • Schools must identify the process for ensuring compliance with mask requirements, including posting signage in school facilities, announcing mask requirements at events and other necessary means for enforcement.
  • Schools must advise individuals who have a condition or are taking medications that weaken their immune system to talk with their healthcare provider about steps that can be taken to manage health risks

    Also issued by PED were:

Los Alamos Public Schools Supt. Jennifer Guy told parents in an email Monday evening that district administrators will be working in collaboration with staff over the next couple of weeks to finalize guidance and more clearly understand the guidelines they have been given.

“We understand that there are many diverse viewpoints regarding masks and vaccines. LAPS will continue to offer accommodations for families as appropriate to meet their needs,” Guy said.

She noted that the first day of school is Aug. 12 and that the district will keep in communication with parents over the next few weeks.