White Rock Community Garden Designated As Monarch Waystation

A Monarch butterfly feeds on a butterfly bush at the White Rock Community Garden. Courtesy photo

Common milkweed among golden coreopsis at the White Rock Community Garden. Courtesy photo


In 1992, Dr. Orley “Chip” Taylor, of the University of Kansas, founded Monarch Watch, which strives
to provide the public with information about the biology of Monarch butterflies, their spectacular
annual migration from Canada to Mexico, and how to use Monarchs to further science education in
primary and secondary schools. Currently, the organization engages in research on Monarch migration
biology, and promotes protection of Monarch habitats throughout North America.

In March 2021, the White Rock Community Garden became a registered Monarch Waystation.

Milkweed, other nectar sources, and sunshine provide an excellent habitat for Monarchs. The garden is
filled with coneflower, milkweed, butterfly bush, aster, blanket flower, cosmos, salvia, common
sunflower, butterfly weed, and rabbit bush plants.

The WRCG is located along State Road 4 across from the WR visitor center. The garden is owned by the
County of Los Alamos. It is maintained by the County, the LA Master Gardeners, community
members, and has been taken on as a special project by the Summit Garden Club.