Adam And Eve’s Origin And Impact Topic Of Wednesday’s Faith And Science Virtual Forum


A Gary Stradling will address Adam and Eve’s origin and impact: How they fit into evolutionary history, why they are essential to religion, and how they enabled the explosive success of mankind during Wednesday’s Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum talk via Zoom at 6:30 p.m.

Abstract. This presentation will show the Adam and Eve account to be scientifically plausible, essential to Christian theology, and understandable from both a scientific and a religious perspective. The scriptural accounts of the creation of mankind, and specifically, Adam and Eve, have been challenged by scientists and broadly misunderstood by theologians. There is a vantage, which provides a perspective, from which we can see how they came to be, not only as the capstone of God’s elegant and painstaking creation project, but empowered to develop their full potential for becoming His heavenly companions. It is a story of life and death. Implicit in the account are: the Creation of humans—day 6, the Creation of Adam and Eve—day 7, the purpose of the Garden of Eden within the rest the world, the presence of God, the significance of the two Trees, the revelation of Good and Evil, the Choice and the meaning of “free agency”, the Fall, the Savior, and redemption. I will explain The Gift: the Law prescribing relationships with God, with families, with a complex human society, without which humanity as we know it would never have come to be.

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