Y Launches Public Requests For Support, Has Limited Thank You Gift

Y staff member Mattie Shunk holds one of the float mugs offered as a thank you to donors. Courtesy photo


This July, the Y is asking the public and its membership, for donations so that everyone may use its programs regardless of their ability to pay.

Chris Daniels, Y CEO, said this usually helps 300 individuals, 200 of which are children who attend the Y’s after-school, camp and sports programs. He said 90 percent of financial assistance awards are given to people who in Los Alamos and White Rock, and that 10 percent reside outside of the County.

“In our childcare programs, 1 in 4 children is on assistance,” said Daniels. “A donation to the Y this July will help local struggling friends and neighbors.” He said need arises at various points in people’s lives and that they usually transition out of the need. He shared this member’s story:

“When I turned 26 last December, my YMCA Membership cost rose, I become responsible for my own health insurance for the first time, and I was working irregular hours due to Covid. That led to me feeling very anxious about my financial situation. I valued my YMCA Membership and felt that I benefited from it greatly; but it seemed hard to justify that monthly cost given my other expenses. Receiving financial aid was such a blessing because it allowed me to pursue my fitness goals, and be a part of this community without feeling uneasy about the money I was spending.” -Y Member, E.G.

Daniels said the Y has some thank you float mugs for donor of $65+ (while supplies last) because the Y is celebrating 65 years in the community. People may also make a donation to the Y online.