All Together Los Alamos Set To Close As State Re-Opens

The all-volunteer group All Together Los Alamos is closing operations. Photo by Jenn Bartram


As New Mexico re-opens today, July 1, from restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is an appropriate time for the local volunteer group All Together Los Alamos (ATLA) to close operations. ATLA first announced its plans April 3, 2020, to assist residents of Los Alamos with information on resources and services for housebound individuals and families during COVID-19. Jenn Bartram played a leadership role in the original and continuing organization and scope of the program, while Maire O’Neill provided invaluable communication and outreach consulting.

The goal was to supplement services already provided by local non-profit organizations such as Self Help, Inc., the senior centers, Los Alamos JJAB, First Born and others.

ATLA extends its appreciation to the more than 65 volunteers who assisted community members to minimize the impact and losses they incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteers assisted with organizing food drives, teacher support, tutoring for school children and resource referral for residents.

Special recognition is given to Los Alamos County Councilors David Izraelevitz, Sara Scott, James Robinson and team leaders Council Chair Randall Ryti, Sue Barns, Debbie Huling and Don Cobb who over the last 15 months organized a variety of support efforts for the community.