County: Face Coverings Required To Board And Ride Atomic City Transit Through Sept. 13


Atomic City Transit (ACT) will continue to require “Face Coverings” to board and ride Atomic City Transit.  In compliance TSA Emergency Mandate EA 1546-21-01A face coverings for nonvaccinated and those already vaccinated will be required.  Informational flyers have been placed on each bus and bus stop locations.  

In addition, Atomic City Transit will continue to follow additional measures to enhance public health safety in providing transit services: 

  • Hand sanitizer is available on all vehicles for both customers and staff.
  • All transit vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to being put into daily service, as well as disinfection of high-touch areas between trips, throughout the day.
  • Driver shields have been installed in vehicles where possible.

Please call our office (505) 661-RIDE (7433) for any additional information or the ACT Tracker to locate your bus route.  For the specific route service schedules, please visit our website at;