Ethics Of Science Informing Theology Is Topic Of Next Los Alamos Faith And Science Forum Talk June 30


The next Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum talk is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 30.  Gerry Wood will address The Ethics of Science Informing Theology

“The two human endeavors: 1) the scientific development of information and understanding of the natural world leading to technology and 2) the development of scripture-based theologies leading to religious practices have in common that they include assumptions, processes and applications. Some would keep these endeavors and results completely separate to avoid conflicts; they cite differing content and purposes. Others claim that, if properly understood and interpreted, science and scripture-based theologies must describe the same reality since nature and scripture are taken to come from the same Source. Most scientists reject supernatural sources for their efforts and some believers reject the conclusions of science. Scripture-believing scientists face an ethical problem of whether to or how to share consensus scientific discoveries that challenge strongly-held beliefs. The difficult answer to this conundrum in a particular situation depends on motivation, expected reception, and caring. 

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