Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum Summer Series Continues Wednesday With Robert Dryja On ‘Ethics For Faith & Science’

LAFSF Summer Series continues Wednesday. Courtesy photo


The Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum summer series continues Wednesday, June 23, with a lecture by Robert Dryja: ETHICS FOR FAITH AND SCIENCE.  “A summary is available at http://www.lafsf.org/  by clicking on the talk title.

The purpose of this lecture is review how faith and science can reinforce one another by including ethics.  Science issues can be more broadly understood with the ethics available in faith.  Faith issues can be understood more deeply by including knowledge available from science.  Both science and faith start with imagination, analogies and models to initially present an idea.  Science can systematically analyze an idea but may become lost details.  Faith can present the big picture of an idea but not address how to apply the idea to an operational situation.  CRISPR technology that is used in biological research is explored as an example.  It can be very useful in evaluating and changing individual parts of cell at the genetic level, but when will a whole person become so modified that they change into something entirely different?  Ethics can provide two points of view.  It can look outward by considering an issue as separate from people.  It can look inward by considering the attitudes which affect relationships.    

Catch Robert Dryja’s Zoom talk at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 23. The Zoom site is:


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