Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum Summer Series Continues June 16 With Nels Hoffman


The Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum summer series continues Wednesday, June 16 with a lecture by Nels Hoffman: “How Christianity Laid the Foundation for Modern Science … and many other things, such as human rights and individual freedom — Part II: The Work of the Church”.  

Last week Nels told how in the world of 750 CE, Europe was an unimpressive backwater, sparsely populated by non-literate, polytheistic tribes. The cultural powerhouses of Islam, the Chinese empire, and Classical India were ascendant, while Europe stagnated. Few objective observers would have predicted that Europe was on its way to a series of cultural revolutions, leading to Modern Science, the Industrial Revolution, and world dominance, by the middle of the following millennium. How such a transformation could have happened has been the topic of much research and scholarship over many years. This week Nels tells how a provocative new proposal by Harvard evolutionary anthropologist Joseph Henrich traces the origin of these changes to the influence of a new psychology fostered by the European Church, over many centuries beginning about 500 CE.

Catch Nels Hoffman’s Zoom talk this Wednesday, June16 at 6:30pm.  The Zoom site is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83384636721?pwd=WDZHa08xaUhvVWRqd2NHTXcrYkxidz09

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