Rendija Dog Hikes & Pet Services: We Have Pride!

Board Member
Los Alamos Pride

Since she started her dog-walking and pet-sitting business in Salt Lake City in 2011, Sara Blaisdell, owner of Rendija Dog Hikes and Pet Services, has been involved in the local Pride festivals. While a relative newcomer to Los Alamos, she said she hopes to take part in Pride events here as well. 

“It’s important for Los Alamos to have its own Pride Week in order to honor those who fought for equal rights before us and to keep their momentum going,” Blaisdell said, adding that public celebrations of LGBTQ+ communities “help build an inclusive environment so all people in this town feel safe and valued.”

In terms of her business, “no community member should have to wonder where we stand before deciding to join our client or employee family. 

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