In Support Of Our Coaches…


In response to the allegations against two of the Los Alamos High School Girls Softball Coaches, an opportunity would like to be taken to address our support of these Coaches as there are parents and players who find the reported accusations appalling.

The anonymous email that was sent to the softball team and their parents, the LAHS Superintendent, the LAHS Athletic Director, the Los Alamos Daily Post and the Los Alamos Reporter this past Tuesday, was definitely one not to be taken delicately and we agree that the issues of concern should have been reported; however, reported in an appropriate manner through proper channels, through a process in which each and every student/athlete and parent was told about at a mandatory Softball Parent Meeting held on April 7, 2021, but instead, a decision was made to take extreme measures and report these two Coaches to the public, to the Los Alamos community, not thinking about the consequences and how these allegations could seriously jeopardize their reputations and livelihood. Not only is “Investigating Allegations Against Girls Softball Coaches” written all over this news, but now so is defamation of character, and this too shall not be taken lightly.

As reported and quoted, “We have decided to send this email to make sure these issues aren’t swept under the rug and we are scared of how the coaches will treat us if they find out who we are……For some of us this is our senior year and we shouldn’t have to deal with coaches bullying us because they are mean and inappropriate. You can ask our parents about the issues…….” Also stated, the email requests that the two coaches in question be “removed from the situation until these accusations can be confirmed,” signed Los Alamos High School Softball.

Undeniably, this was written and reported as a personal attack; many players and parents do NOT have an issue with the Coaches in question. At no point there was any time taken to understand the seriousness of the accusations being reported to the entire Los Alamos community and then some. How embarrassing for our community! But please don’t get me wrong, we are 100% in full support with reporting serious misconduct to student athletes; however, a question to the content owners makes me ask, did all of these alleged bullying, inappropriate talking, body shaming and showing of favoritism happen overnight? Why weren’t any these crude and unnecessary remarks to “all involved” brought to the Head Coach’s attention immediately, along with a one-on-one coach/player/parent meeting? Regardless of fear of retaliation, why wait until a list of 14 allegations were gathered and compiled to report to official District Officials and local media?

Facts That Should Be Made Known:

1. These Coaches are victims of defamation of character by libel

2. Every single year, with every single sport, students and parents are required to attend a mandatory Parent Meeting at the very beginning of each sport season. Along with many topics, rules, expectations, playing time, and concerns are firmly laid out. All parents were told all and any issue, no matter what, were to be addressed through a process, first and foremost, through the HEAD COACH, certainly not through the District Officials or local media.

3. It’s evident this group is out to cause harm, to have these Coaches removed from their positions.

4. It’s all about perception and what is perceived.

5. Teammates have acted and continue to act in a complaining, disrespectful and immature manner towards Coaches at softball practices and games. You have to give respect to get respect.

6. Favoritism is EVERYWHERE and because this anonymous group feel they are not “favored”, they took extreme measures to slander these two Coaches.

It’s one thing to report valid accusations against these two Coaches, but it’s another to request they be “removed from the situation until these accusations can be confirmed.”

In closing, bullying team members, talking to them inappropriately, body shaming them and showing favoritism doesn’t compare in the slightest to the accused forced boxing matches recently held with the Silver City High School Softball Coach.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to show support for these two Coaches in question.

A Group of Parents that Coached Our Children