LAPS Investigating Allegations Against Girls Softball Coaches


Los Alamos Public Schools is responding to an email sent to district officials and local media alleging bullying by two LAPS softball coaches.

Interim Supt. Jennifer Guy told the Los Alamos Reporter in an email that LAPS takes the allegations very seriously and will complete a full investigation.

The email alleges that the two coaches are bullying team members, talking to them inappropriately, body shaming them and showing favoritism.

“Due to the recent bullying situation currently in the news about Silver City’s softball team, we felt we needed to come forward before things at Los Alamos High School get any worse. We wish to remain anonymous because we fear retaliation should our identities be discovered, but if you ask us we will confirm these issues and others,” the email states.

It goes on to list more than a dozen issues of concern.

“This is a difficult situation for us because we love playing softball. We have decided to send this email to make sure these issues aren’t swept under the rug and we are scared of how the coaches will treat us if they find out who we are.  This is only some of the issues that have occurred this season. Please look into these issues. For some of us this is our senior year and we shouldn’t have to deal with coaches bullying us because they are mean and inappropriate. You can also ask our parents about the issues because we have talked to them about the issues as well.,” the email states.

The email requests that the two coaches in question be “removed from the situation until these accusations can be confirmed,” the email, which is signed Los Alamos High School Softball says.

The Los Alamos Reporter has been contacted by parents who say they wish to make it clear that “not all the players are authors of the email and therefore it should not have been signed as such”.

The team’s regular coaches reportedly did not attend Wednesday’s games in Pojoaque.