County: Atomic City Transit Increases Allowable Capacity In Transit Vehicles Beginning Friday, June 4


Atomic City Transit (ACT) will increase the number of passengers allowed on public transportation vehicles to one-half of the vehicle’s design capacity beginning Friday, June 4.  Passengers shall practice social distancing by maintaining three-foot separations between individuals rather than the six-foot distance previously required.  The use of masks will continue to be required for passengers to board and ride public transportation. Atomic City Transit operators will continue to be required to wear masks.  

Los Alamos County has been successful in maintaining its State of New Mexico “Turquoise” status – as well as achieving the threshold of 75.5% of residents being fully vaccinated – which permits the changes noted above, enabling more passengers to ride together on buses and other passenger vehicles than was previously allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes are made in accordance with the current Governor’s Executive Order and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s directives. In addition to the above, every other seat on every bus will be blocked off to limit capacity and assure adequate spacing between passengers in order to comply with the revised three-foot social distancing requirement.

Atomic City Transit will continue to follow additional measures to further enhance public health safety in providing bus service: 

  • Hand sanitizer is available on all vehicles for both customers and staff
  • All transit vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to being put into daily service, as well as disinfection of high-touch areas between trips, throughout the day
  • Passengers board and depart the bus only through the back doors (when available)
  • Driver shields have been installed in allowable vehicles

Atomic City Transit would like to thank community members for their patience and understanding as the County continues to restore public transportation services safely.