Penasco Man Dies In Truck Route Crash, Three People Injured


A 47-year old Penasco man has died in what appears to have been a head-on collision at around 6:11 .am. on East Jemez Road just east of the Los Alamos Transit Mix entrance. The man who has not been named, was transported to Los Alamos Medical Center where sadly he was pronounced deceased.

The crash was witnessed by a Los Alamos Police Department officer who was behind one of the vehicles and called immediately for emergency response.

A press release from LAPD received at 11 a.m. states that a 16-year old female from Los Alamos was transported by ambulance to University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque. A 59-year old man from Gallina and a 46-year old man from La Madera were transported to Los Alamos Medical Center. The three men in the crash were traveling to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. No names are being released.

The truck route was closed until 10:30 a.m. to allow LAPD and Los Alamos Fire Department respond to and investigate the crash. The LAPD Crash Team is still investigating the cause of the crash.

“We want to remind drivers that LAPD has increased its traffic enforcement to commuting traffic as LANL increases its workforce,” the news release states. “It is imperative that drivers maintain good, conscious attention to the roadway, reduce speed and provide safe distance between motorists. LAPD will continue to conduct targeting traffic enforcement in the coming weeks to ensure commuter safety.”

LAPD officers have increased speed patrols on routes into Los Alamos during the past few weeks in anticipation of drivers returning to work in large numbers after working remotely. One officer wrote 60 citations in a six-hour period.