Laura Crucet, Owner Of Pig + Fig Cafe, Says Pride Means Being Proud Of Who You Are

Pig + Fig employee Holly Robinson. Photo by Renae Mitchell

Friends of Los Alamos Pride

Two successful Pride Weeks and one pandemic later, Pride Week returns to Los Alamos June 5-13. This year’s theme is “Coming Out After Covid.” This is the second in a series of mini-profiles that aims to highlight as many gay-friendly local businesses as possible. Please email if you own a business or run an organization and want to extend your support to Los Alamos Pride Week. Regardless of whether you own a business, please follow Los Alamos Pride on Facebook ( and Los Alamos Pride Week on Instagram ( to learn more about upcoming events.

When asked why she supported Pride Week, Laura Crucet, owner of Pig+Fig, said, “Why wouldn’t you support Pride? Pride means being proud of who you are.”

The restaurant has catered behind the scenes for Pride staff in previous years, and will help out this year as well. 

“I want to make sure that my daughter can live her adult life in a world where she is accepted for who she is and not judged,” Crucet said. 

Crucet said that being public about one’s identity, during Pride Week and beyond, matters. 

“When my daughter came out as trans, I told her you’re not doing anything wrong, so why keep it a secret? Let’s just talk about it and talk about it until it’s not a big deal. If I talk about it, maybe other kids and other parents will feel comfortable, too,” she said.

Crucet recently oversaw renovations on her patio, redesigning the existing patio, redoing the cement, raising the fence, and adding landscaping, including a water feature. She said she hopes this will create an even more welcoming space, particularly at a time when many are not yet ready to eat indoors.

“I feel like we’re a community center,” she said. “It’s important for me to support and make all parts of the community comfortable. I want everyone to feel welcome here.”