Notice To Graduating Seniors And Community Members

Current conditions still do now allow for the close contact that happens in large groups as has happened at past Senior Appreciation Night events. Photo Courtesy YMCA

The Family YMCA

Since 1984 Los Alamos has provided an all-night celebratory event for our graduating seniors known as SAN or Senior Appreciation Night.  It is an evening of fun and engaging activities with the intention of providing some structure to the celebration and ensuring the safety of those celebrating their graduation.  The SAN event has been organized by Los Alamos County Recreation Department, The Family YMCA and supported by numerous community businesses and community organizations, including Kiwanis who has provided an annual breakfast. Due to the pandemic last year this event clearly could not be held.  While this year we met as a committee and looked at different options as to how we could approach this event within the continued restrictions and current parameters, we were unable to find a model that would deliver the same amount of engagement and excitement that is part of the tradition.

There will be some smaller activities at the teen center and gift bags will be available for all those graduating this year.  Look for more information this week on that as well as a drawing for cash prizes that we will do.  Still we want to make sure that our graduating seniors have the opportunity to celebrate their graduation in a way that is befitting their accomplishment.  To help make this happen we are appealing to the larger community to support our seniors by organizing smaller events within your neighborhood, church or smaller groups of friends.

The tradition of SAN has been to encourage our graduating seniors to celebrate this achievement while providing some structure that ensures everyone’s safety.  While we are saddened that we cannot offer the same event that has grown to be something seniors look forward to each year, we are hopeful that our community will rally to support them in their celebration this week.