Enjoy Summer Fun With History Adventures From The Los Alamos History Museum


Bring your elementary school child on a self-paced exploration of history this June with History Adventures. Visit local historic sites, try hands-on crafts, and explore the connections between past and present with free printable History Adventures packets from the Los Alamos History Museum. Find all the fun now at www.LosAlamosHistory.org/Childrens_Programs

History Adventures will guide your child through exciting explorations of the past, present, and future. You’ll go on photo hunts, create colorful art, connect with family history, and discover secrets from history hiding in your own neighborhood. Historic photos and stories are part of each packet, and there are resources to support your child’s curiosity if they’re inspired to learn more. Get outside and get creative with History Adventures!

There are five different themes to explore, beginning with What is History? We’ll share updates each week in June with information about that week’s History Adventures theme. All the activities are available now, so if you’re excited and want to try them sooner, go at your own pace! We’d love to see the connections you make with history—share photos from your family’s History Adventures and tag us @LosAlamosHistory on Facebook or Instagram.

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