Boomerang Consignment And Resale Proud To Support Los Alamos Pride

Boomerang Consignment and Resale owner Anna Dillane has participated in every Los Alamos Pride to date. Courtesy photo

Friends of Los Alamos Pride

Two successful Pride Weeks and one pandemic later, Pride Week returns to Los Alamos June 5-13. This year’s theme is “Coming Out After Covid.” This series of mini-profiles aims highlight as many gay-friendly local businesses as possible. Please email if you own a business or run an organization and want to extend your support to Los Alamos Pride Week. Regardless of whether you own a business, please follow Los Alamos Pride on Facebook ( and Los Alamos Pride Week on Instagram ( to learn more about upcoming events.

Anna Dillane, owner of Boomerang Consignment and Resale, said Boomerang is proud to have participated in every Los Alamos Pride so far. 

Dillane’s business sponsored the 2018 karaoke event, including costumes and wigs. They also provided food and beverages to hundreds of community members for the county’s first Pride event and sponsored Pride T-shirts. In 2019, Boomerang again helped with many aspects of planning and set up.

“When I heard about a child who decided to postpone their suicide until after the first Los Alamos Pride celebration, I knew how important all Pride celebrations are,” Dillane said. “I firmly believe that we can no longer quietly support populations who have been marginalized, victimized, and bullied. We must stand up, speak out, and be the voice of change.”

Dillane said on a day-to-day basis, the way she and her store support every member of the community — not just the LGBTQ+ community — is through “acceptance, respect, and love. We have signs posted throughout Boomerang reminding customers that hate will not be tolerated and that we are inclusive and supportive. These signs have led to some beautiful moments and conversations and connections.”

While Boomerang is a safe space, Los Alamos County is not always safe for queer and transgender youth and adults, she said.

“There are people in Los Alamos and elsewhere who believe that members of the LGBTQ +community are going to Hell,” Dillane said. “There are people who would tell that to a child. Hate isn’t always an act of physical violence or an act of outright bullying. More often, it’s a well-meaning adult refusing a child the right to live their truth because of religious dogma. Often it’s an adult whose love is conditional. As long as those things exist, Pride Week is essential for the survival of members of the LGBTQ+ community.