Environment Department Unveils Public Engagement Calendar On Website


Today, the New Mexico Environment Department launched a public calendar on its website, making it easier and more efficient for the public, regulated community, stakeholders and members of the media to find information on events happening across the Department.

The calendar includes information on everything from public comment periods and hearings to specialized trainings for the regulated community. The “search” function allows users to search for particular types of events or topics.

“Public participation is an essential part of our success,” said NMED Cabinet Secretary James Kenney. “We encourage New Mexicans to use this new tool to engage with us and learn more about what the Department is doing to protect public health and the environment.”

Prior to the calendar coming online, information was spread across dozens of separate program webpages.

In addition to the new calendar, the Department will launch an updated website in June. Both of these efforts will enhance public participation and engagement, increase transparency and provide better customer service to New Mexicans who take advantage of our programs.