Los Alamos County To Enter Stage 1 Fire Restrictions May 24


Los Alamos Fire Department’s Fire Marshal Wendy Servey announced today that she is enacting Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for Los Alamos County, effective Monday, May 24, 2021. Servey said the decision was made in partnership with LAFD’s Wildland Division today after reviewing the potential threat of wildfire. 

“Seasonal fire restrictions are often developed based on specific criteria related to wildland fire risk, such as moisture content of vegetation, weather outlooks, human risk factors and firefighting resource availability. Cooperation of agency partners (Los Alamos Fire Department, Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico State Forestry, Santa Fe National Forest, Bandelier) share information and monitor regional weather conditions and take a team approach to reducing wildfire risk,” stated Servey.  

The following are NOT ALLOWED during Stage 1 Fire Restrictions: 

  • Sky lanterns are prohibited.  
  • Campfires at all dispersed camping sites and undeveloped campgrounds or any County open space(s) and or public lands are prohibited. 
  • Normally, per fire code the following activities require an approved permit of use through the Fire Marshal’s Office. As a result of Stage 1 Fire Restrictions the following permits will NOT be issued: 1) Open burning (slash piles, yard waste) larger than a recreational fire (3’x 2’) size per fire code permit; 2) Bonfire permit. 

    The following are ALLOWED during Stage 1 Fire Restrictions: 
  • Fires, campfires, charcoal grills, and coal and wood stoves are allowed only in fixed-built fire rings, pits or grills provided for use at one of the 13 developed campgrounds, picnic or recreation areas or public parks in Los Alamos and/or White Rock. 
  • Stoves, grills, lanterns and heaters fueled by propane or other liquified petroleum fuels may be used if they meet manufacturer’s safety specifications and have on/off switches. Propane devices (grills) will require an area at least 3 feet in diameter that has been cleared of flammable materials which is also the distance from structures.   
  • Smoking is allowed only in enclosed vehicles or buildings, at developed campgrounds, recreational sites, public parks, or while standing in an area at least 3 feet in diameter that has been cleared of all flammable material.  
  • Recreational fires at your home if they meet standing fire restrictions (size and safety requirements) per fire code. (See Los Alamos County website link above for more information.) 
  • Permissible fireworks as defined by State Statue adopted by County ordinance for use at your home, but not for use on public or County land and open space(s). (See Los Alamos County website link above for more information.) 
  • Per fire code a permit for Fireworks (professional displays) or other pyrotechnic devices is required from the Los Alamos County – Fire Marshal’s Office. 

    An exemption or an allowed activity does NOT absolve an individual or an organization from liability or responsibility for any fire started from the exempted or allowed activity. Even if permitted, and or allowed recreational burning is strongly discouraged, if a fire restriction is in place, and IF due to current or expected weather conditions of the day predict high fire danger such as red flag or fire weather as defined by the National Weather Service (NWS) https://www.weather.gov/fire/ which would support fire starts or hazard(s) to the community as a whole. 

    “We need the community to support these restrictions and report observations of any prohibited activities that are an emergency by calling 911,” Servey said. 

Residents can also follow the USFS and NM State Forestry Restrictions when traveling outside of Los Alamos. Visit: www.nmforestry.com or https://firerestrictions.us for more information and of course contact Los Alamos Fire Department-Fire Marshal’s Office, Wendy Servey, Fire Marshal mobile:  505-695-3643   email: wendy.servey@lacnm.us.