Los Alamos High School Graduating Senior James Rodriguez To Study Computer Science At Texas Tech University

Los Alamos High School graduating senior James Rodriguez looks forward to the future or as he puts it, ‘Finally my time has come. From all the unforgettable memories to the countless touchdowns, stolen bases, and wrestling matches, its time to start the next chapter. I am ready to leave my mark on the world after four incredible years at Los Alamos High School. I plan to study Computer Science at Texas Tech University in the Fall. I will be succeeded by not just one but three younger sisters that I am confident will leave a much bigger impression than I. This past year has thrown me for a loop, but knowing I can overcome the inconveniences of a pandemic has given me the confidence I need to thrive in the real world. Prom King is how everyone sees me leaving, but I’ll be back better than I am now. Thank you to everyone who played a role in making me who I am today. To the teachers, I wish you luck with the rest of the Rodriguez clan. And to my peers… See ya’ll in 10 years.’ His parents James and Darlene Rodriguez of Los Alamos are very proud of him and quite ecstatic that he’s leaving and taking his laundry with him. Courtesy photo