Los Alamos High School Graduating Senior Antonio Daniel Vigil Of Espanola To Enlist In U.S. Army

Los Alamos High School graduating senior Antonio Daniel Vigil will be heading to U.S. Army basic training shortly after graduation. Vigil treasures all the friendships he has gained over the years. As an out-of-district student, he was a faithful student of the Los Alamos Public Schools. He started kindergarten at Chamisa Elementary School, continued at Los Alamos Middle School and is now honored to be called a Los Alamos High School graduate. Vigil loves to play every sport out there, but wrestling and football are where he shined as an athlete. He looks forward to seeing all the places that the Army will take him. Antonio’s family is extremely proud of him and his accomplishments. He is the son of Robby and Liana Lovato, and Joseph Vigil of Espanola. The world is your oyster, Tonio. Courtesy photo