Happy Mother’s Day

Executive Director
Family Strengths Network

I always find celebrating mothers to be a bit tricky.  Don’t say anything and you run the risk of leaving mothers feeling under-appreciated and invisible.  Say too much and mothers suffer from guilt because they feel inadequate and don’t think they measure up to the praise. Add in a pandemic and it is a perfect storm of new daily challenges that increase those feelings of under appreciation, invisibility and inadequacy. 

Here’s the thing, I’m willing to risk it.  I want mothers to know they are seen; that they are appreciated, and that they are measures beyond any praise that could be given!  I want them to know that they are allowed to celebrate their success without guilt. I have watched them sacrifice whatever it takes to meet their family’s needs and then step it up another notch during the pandemic!  They are on the front lines, yet somehow quietly in the background.

I believe the work of mothers encompasses all the best adjectives; amazing, astounding, wonderful, miraculous, incredible!  Mothers are all this and more.  I also believe any day is a perfect day for celebrating a mother.  My hope is that we will lift the hearts and hands of all the mothers we know this Mother’s Day and all the other days as well!