Mother’s Day Greetings From The Superintendent’s Desk

Jean Steinhaus with sons, Kurt, in back, Eric, right and Bruce. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Public Schools

This is to wish all of our moms (and everyone who has a mom) a very happy Mother’s Day weekend. The many roles played by our moms, dads, parents, guardians and friends alike are critical to the happiness and well-being of our students.

On September 14, 2019, I lost my Mom …. many days have passed but my memories of her today are as vivid as the joys we shared for so many years that I was blessed with her presence, right here in Los Alamos.

So many in LAPS-land are blessed to still have their Mothers…others have sadly had to say goodbye…but here or there, the legacy of love they have left us is never ending…and through your loving ways you provide so many children in our schools with that special touch that lets them know they are truly loved and respected…

So today I say thank you…to everyone who is part of the LAPS family as we approach Mother’s Day…and to those Dads that have filled both roles…for the love we share will always be remembered by many…best wishes to you all on this special weekend…

Happy Mother’s Day…