Council Votes To Accept Donation Of Two Lots In Pueblo Canyon Subdivision


Los Alamos County Council voted Tuesday evening during its regular meeting to accept a donation of two lots in Pueblo Canyon Subdivision Unit 2 from John Martin and Virginia Hamilton.

County Manager Harry Burgess noted that the lots were originally subdivided but they have never sold. He said obviously the family is paying taxes on the lots and has not had the ability to sell them. He noted that the lots are fairly steep and which he said contributed to the fact that nothing had ever been built on them. The property taxes on the lots are slightly under $500 a year and the research had indicated that the title is clear.

Burgess said the County’s process requires Council acceptance of donations to prevent unwanted and/or problematic donations from automatically becoming the responsibility of the County. As soon as the quit claim deed signed by the donors has been recorded in the County Clerk’s office, the donation will take effect.