Los Alamos STEAM Lab Wraps Up Four-Week Collaboration With Local Teen And Youth Activity Centers


Los Alamos STEAM Lab, YMCA Los Alamos Teen Center, and Los Alamos Youth Activity Centers have wrapped up a four week collaboration supporting youth and teens wanting to learn Game Design.

The Game Design Speaker Series hosted four speakers leading discussion on various aspects of Game Design.  

  • Erin Green discussed Story and Character Development and how aspects of DND can be brought into RPG style games.
  • David Jones talked about what it is like to work for a Game Studio and what the various job roles entail and how they integrate with each other.
  • Lowell Woffard spoke about version control and how to keep your game from being destroyed and how multiple parties can all collaborate on the same code.
  • Jake Green discussed some of the history of game design and game art and how design choices impact the look and feel of your game.

Videos of the talks as well as extensive documentation on getting started with game design are available at:  https://lasteamlab.com/documentation

Look for similarly nerdy collaborations from these local organizations in the future!