County: Feral Cow Roundup Continues

On Monday, April 19 operations began to safely and humanely remove feral cattle from Bayo and Pueblo Canyons. Two cows have been caught in Pueblo Canyon. However, the majority of the herd have proven difficult and the roundup and trail closures have been extended to the end of May 2021. The cattle are impacting the safety of drivers on local roads, damaging cultural sites and have been aggressive to recreation users in the County. The Bayo and Pueblo Canyon Trails, and access from the 502 gate into Pueblo Canyon will remain closed for the safety of our recreational users and contractors. 

Please be aware with the above trails closed, access to the trails and roads will also be restricted during this roundup. 

  • Camp Hamilton
  • Tent Rocks Trail 
  • Zipline Trail 
  • Bayo Canyon Road 
  • Pueblo Canyon Road

Los Alamos County appreciates your understanding and patience as we work to remove the cattle.