Nominations Sought For 2021 Zero Waste Champions Of The Year


To promote recycling and zero waste in the community, as well as to encourage more local businesses and schools to participate in the recycling program, the Los Alamos County Environmental Services Division and the Environmental Sustainability Board are sponsoring the 2021 Zero Waste Champion of the Year award. This award was previously known as the Business Recycler of the Year award. For 2021 the program has been expanded to include other sustainability initiatives, such as food waste reduction, water and energy conservation, and overall waste reduction. 

To become eligible, an organization must be nominated by a member of the community for contributing to sustainability, recycling and waste reduction. The nominees are required to submit a brief overview about how their organization recycled, reduced waste, conserved energy or water, and contributed to environmental sustainability.

This year’s categories include: 

  • Schools
  • Non-Profit Business
  • Large Business
  • Small Business
  • Restaurant

If you know of an organization within Los Alamos County that is a Zero Waste rock star and goes above and beyond to implement environmentally sustainable practices into their daily work practices, then complete the questions on the following page and send via email to or download the form from the County website at

Name of Organization: 


Contact Information: 


  1. Please describe the organization you are nominating and why you feel they should be awarded Zero Waste Champion of the Year.

Additional detailed information, optional please complete if known.

  1. Does this organization make an effort to re-use items that might otherwise be destined for a landfill? Please explain.  
  1. Please describe the organization’s use of recycled and/or environmentally preferred supplies and materials if applicable.  
  1. Tell us about their recycling program (including what materials are recycled) and what percentage of employees are using it? 
  1. Please describe how the organization has integrated environmental concerns into their products and services if applicable.
  1. Does the organization educate and support their customers/students in reducing waste or re-using or recycling materials? Please elaborate or provide examples.
  1. Has the organization made efforts to support employees/students/customers in reducing waste or re-using materials or recycling? Please explain. 
  1. Does the organization prevent food waste by education, diversion, composting, or food rescue? Tell us about it. 
  1. How does this organization ensure that hazardous waste is disposed of properly (if applicable)?
  1. What else would you like us to know?