County Hires Contractor To Round Up Feral Cattle In Bayo And Pueblo Canyons

Feral cattle in Pueblo and Bayo Canyons are to be rounded up and removed next week. Photo Courtesy Eric Peterson/LAC


Los Alamos County announced Friday that operations will begin Monday to safely and humanely remove feral cattle from Bayo and Pueblo Canyons.

The County has apparently engaged a licensed and bonded contractor, Cody Fahrion of Pagosa Springs, Colo. and his team to catch and hold some 20 head of cattle to be turned over to the State Livestock Board inspector. If any of the cattle are branded the state will arrange for them to be returned to their owners.

Fahrion will provide 12 Catahoula cross cow dogs to work the feral cattle so that they can be roped and tied. He will also use six trained roping cattle that will serve as decoys or coach cattle and will be instrumental in luring the feral cattle out of the canyons, according to County Open Space Specialist Eric Peterson. The more dangerous and destructive mature bulls may be sedated for extraction.

Members of the community have been complaining that the feral cattle have been wandering on local roads, particularly near the White Rock Y causing concern for the safety of drivers in the area. Cattle, some of them unperturbed by the presence of humans, have been observed on local trails. The County announcement indicates that they have also been damaging cultural sites and “been aggressive to recreation users” in the County.

“For the safety of our recreational users and contractors, the Bayo and Pueblo Canyon Trails will be closed beginning April 19. Also, access from the 502 gate into Pueblo Canyon will be closed. We anticipate the trails will reopen on Monday, April 26,” the County announcement states. 

Peterson has indicated that people will still be able to hike from the roundabout to the bottom of Bayo Canyon but are being asked to turn around when they encounter the “closed” signs.

In addition to the Bayo and Pueblo Canyon Trails, the following trails and roads will also be restricted during the roundup:

  • Camp Hamilton
  • Tent Rocks Trail 
  • Zipline Trail 
  • Bayo Canyon Road 
  • Pueblo Canyon Road