Local Internet Provider LANet Helps Los Alamos Public Schools With High Speed Internet Access


Local internet provider LANet aided Los Alamos Public Schools in the recent shift from remote learning to in-person learning with a gracious donation of high speed internet access.

Owner Allan Saenz reached out to district leadership with an offer to provide 1GB of bandwidth, free of charge, for the remainder of the school year. Working with district technology staff, Mr. Saenz and his team were able to install and configure the necessary hardware in just a few days. 

“The added bandwidth provided by LANet has allowed our students and teachers to continue using the multitude of online resources they had become reliant upon during remote learning,” said Sal Zapien, Director of Technology for the district. “LANet has given us the resources we need to finish out the year properly.” 

The combined internet bandwidth for the district is now 1.5GB for all 7 campuses.

“The district is grateful for Mr. Saenz’s generosity,” said Asst. Supt. Jennifer Guy. “The additional bandwidth enables LAPS to continue to provide educational resources both in and out of the classroom.”