LARSO Announces Senior Centers To Reopen May 6


The Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization (LARSO), which operates the Betty Ehart and White Rock Senior Centers, has announced that the centers will reopen on Thursday, May 6, from 10am-2pm.

Few details are available at this time, but many will follow starting next week. The opening rules include; limited hours, limited capacity and signing up for activities. There are many protocols that need to be put forward to the County and the State, for approval to re-open.

The bulk of new information will come via the senior center newsletter, which should arrive late in April. The centers are asking that people do not call with numerous questions, as they prepare the centers for members. The bulk of information will also be sent out through their website, at

Those who need to call with questions, not in regards to opening or programming are asked to leave a name, number and the question, if they desire a return phone call. “Many people are not in the habit of leaving a message, and then get frustrated when they can’t get the information they need,” said Bernadette Lauritzen, LARSO Director. “We can’t respond, if we don’t know there’s a question and our time is very limited, as we get ready.”

According to Lauritzen, programs will return gradually. The drive-up option for lunch is still a State requirement, and there are no plans for the gathered lunch. The Adult Day Services, will also not return right away, as new staff and additional protocols are put in place.

“I ask that you be patient with staff,” said Lauritzen. “This is a new frontier for all of us, and our business model has been ever changing throughout the pandemic. Community members have been upset with changes, and my staff is in the middle. If you have a problem you can reach me by email, or leave a concern at 662-8920, and I will attempt to get back to members, in a reasonable time. As the saying, goes, we are building the plane while we are flying, so treat my stewards and stewardesses with kindness.”