LAPD Honors Dispatchers During National Public Telecommunicators Week April 11-17

Los Alamos Police Department Dispatcher Susan Feiertag enters data into the Computer Aided Dispatch System. Photo Courtesy LAPD

Los Alamos Police Department

In honor of National Public Safety Telecommunicators week, which is celebrated from April 11-17 this year, I am pleased to highlight the Los Alamos County Dispatch Center and the outstanding employees who skillfully serve the public each day.  In 2020, Los Alamos County Dispatchers received just under 43,000 phone calls, including 5,671 911 calls.  Often the first voice someone in crisis will hear, our Dispatchers receive numerous trainings throughout the year to obtain and maintain a variety of required certifications.  Each of our 16 authorized positions are nationally certified as emergency medical dispatchers and emergency fire dispatchers and are state certified under the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Academy. 

The ability to multi-task is a crucial asset in dispatching as the Center processed nearly 13,000 calls for service for the Police Department and over 2,000 Fire/Medical calls for service.  Police Officers, Detention Officers, Animal Control Officers, and Fire Fighters rely on the Dispatcher’s ability to obtain the appropriate information for each call type, dispatch the number and types of units needed for each particular call, and all the while remaining calm and professional during emergencies and crisis response.    Above all, I can personally attest to their dedication and on-going exceptional service to the community as I see it first-hand each and every day. 

The success of any Public Safety entity is directly related to the quality of their Dispatch Center.  Los Alamos can be proud of the outstanding Dispatch Center we have.  If you see or talk to one of our dispatchers, let them know they are valued!