County: Event Code Released To General Public For Mass Vaccination Clinic Set For April 25


Los Alamos County’s Emergency Manager Beverley Simpson has released the event code to “unlock” registration for anyone wishing to attend the April 25 large-scale vaccination clinic set to occur in partnership with Nambe Drugs. The code is AFGKMXW and the clinic will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Griffith Gym on the Los Alamos High School campus.  

Some 1200 vaccines will be administered on April 25. Until all appointments are booked, every individual can register and book an appointment on April 25 by visiting the State DOH website:

Individuals must still register in advance and book an appointment. No walk ins will be accepted.  

On the day of the vaccination clinic: 

  1. Bring your Registration Confirmation code/appointment information with you to the clinic.  You will need this information to check in as you enter the clinic. If you do not have the code, you will not be allowed to proceed. 
  2. Fill out the Medical Questionnaire online the morning of the appointment. The link to the medical questionnaire is included in the appointment reminder you receive via text or email from DOH the morning of your appointment. Also complete the questionnaire that was emailed to you from NAMBE drugs and your insurance cards. 
  3. Arrive during your time slot sent to you on the Event code. If you have a specified time, plan to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of the time slot given to you.  The vaccination process takes less than 15 minutes. 
  4. Allow time at the end of the vaccine for up to 30 minutes of observation.