County To Remove Logo At Intersection Of 15th Street And Central Avenue

The Los Alamos County logo in the intersection of 15th Street and Central Avenue is to be removed. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

The logo as it looked when it was installed in 2016. Photo Courtesy LAC


The thermoplastic Los Alamos County logo in the intersection of 15th Street and Central Avenue is not long for this world. County Manager Harry Burgess told Council Tuesday evening that the brand was a big part of the County’s kick-off branding in 2016.

“When we purchased that product we were under the understanding it would withstand various weather conditions. It has not performed as we originally anticipated. You’ve probably seen that we’ve even been out ourselves after the warranty expired trying to fill in colors with paint instead of the thermoplastic that was adhered previously. Snow storms if nothing else have just taken a big toll on that with various plowing operations but, we did get five years of use out of it,” Burgess said.

He noted that the logo has been featured on the County’s visitor maps as a kind of “you are here” symbol. There have been repeated efforts to reinstall or repaint the symbol, Burgess said.

“Unfortunately those efforts have not been providing the type of results we would like to see and and certainly are not presenting the face of the County that we would like to see. Our crews will be removing that item in the near future and wanted Council to be aware of that in case questions arise,” he said.

Burgess noted that it would cost exactly the same to get the logo repaired at this point as it cost originally to get it installed.

“With the continued anticipated problems we decided that was the better option of the two,” he said.