State Invites More Than 99 Percent Of Phase 1 Registrants To COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments, Encourages Profile Updates


The New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) announced on Tuesday that the state has now invited more than 99% of Phase 1 registrants for vaccine appointments.

“DOH has been prioritizing invitations to early-phase vaccine registrants – and we will continue to reach out via text, email, phone calls, and other methods until everyone who wants a vaccine has received it,” said DOH Cabinet Secretary Dr. Tracie Collins.

All New Mexicans 16+ are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine, but DOH is prioritizing invitations for New Mexicans 75+ and seniors with a chronic condition.

Updating Profiles

The Department also encouraged New Mexicans to update their profiles on “If you’ve registered for vaccine but gotten vaccinated elsewhere – either out-of-state or with another provider – please log in to and indicate that you’ve gotten your shot. Doing so will help DOH get invitations to other New Mexicans more quickly. And if you haven’t gotten a vaccine yet, don’t worry – your invitation is coming soon,” said Dr. Collins.

Self-Scheduling DOH also recently announced that New Mexicans 75+ can self-schedule their vaccine appointments at – no event code required. All New Mexicans can also self-schedule their boosters without an event code. If users in these groups are asked for an event code, DOH encourages users to refresh their browser (Ctrl + F5 for most browsers).