County Resiliency, Energy And Sustainability Task Force Seeks Subcommittee Members


The Los Alamos County Resiliency, Energy and Sustainability Task Force (LARES TF) is seeking letters of interest to appoint up to 15 (total) community members to serve on the following subcommittees: 

Natural Gas Reduction

Electrical Demand & Supply

Transportation & Mobility

Community Planning & Zoning

Waste, Consumption & Natural Resources 

There are five subcommittees with 2 -3 Task Force members on each subcommittee. There will be a representative of the main Task Force, chairing each subcommittee and providing a report back to the main Task Force. A total of 3 community members will be selected to serve on each subcommittee, based on the preference of the applicants. Each subcommittee will be comprised of 5-6 people. 

To learn more about the LARES Task Force Charter and Scope of Work for each subcommittee, please visit the LARES Task Force website and view Charter and Subcommittees:

The task force is an advisory body to the County Council.  Its purpose is to recommend ways for the County as a whole, including government, businesses, and residents, to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions and advance other sustainable practices in the face of climate change as stated in its charter, adopted by County Council on January 26, 2021. 

Letters may be submitted by any LA County resident. Letters should be one or two pages and explain background, qualifications, subcommittee(s) of interest, and why the resident believes they would be a valuable contributor to the subcommittees. Youth membership is encouraged. 

The Task Force will sunset February 1, 2022, with its final report and recommendations going to Council at the end of its term. This is a working task force. Those appointed to subcommittees can expect to spend time in meetings of the main committee on a regular basis, along with subcommittee work or other assigned work outside of committee meetings to achieve the work plan set forth in the charter. 

Email letters of interest to: no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 13. 

The subcommittee member appointments will be an action item for LARES Task Force action on its April 16, 2021 (3:00pm – 4:30pm) meeting agenda via Zoom. Individuals do not need to be present at the virtual online meeting to be considered but are welcome to attend. Applicants should state their preference for multiple subcommittees; however, each applicant may only serve on one subcommittee. 

To watch the video on-demand of the January 26, 20201 Council meeting on the formation of the LARES Task Force: