Atomic City Transit Resumes Service On All Routes Beginning Monday, April 5


Atomic City Transit is pleased to announce plans to implement Phase II of “re-opening” fixed-route public transportation service in Los Alamos County, beginning Monday, April 5th.  

Phase II “re-opening” will include resuming fixed-route bus service on Routes 3 (Canyon & Central), 2T (White Rock to Los Alamos via Truck Route), and Route 5 (Barranca Mesa).  In addition, all Express Routes: 7A & 7B (North Mesa Express), 8 (North Community Express), 9 (Aspen Area Express), 10 (Barranca Mesa Express), and 11 (White Rock Express) will also resume service on April 5th. 

Note that fixed routes already in-service including Route 1 (Downtown), Route 2M (White Rock to Downtown Los Alamos via Main Hill), Route 4 (Northern Community), and Route 6 (North Mesa) will also continue to operate.  All routes will operate a reduced hours of service schedule, from approximately 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM – Monday through Friday, as has been the case since fixed-route bus service resumed operations.    

Paratransit service, for eligible persons with disability, will continue from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.  

A critical factor, as we continue to gradually resume bus service, is maintaining employee and passenger safety by complying with public health recommendations.  In accordance with the current Governor’s Executive Order – as well as Federal mandates:

  • Passengers and Operators are required to wear face coverings to board and ride the bus
  • The number of passengers allowed on each bus will be limited to comply with social distancing recommendations
  • Some seats on every bus will be blocked-off to assure adequate spacing between passengers again to comply with social distancing recommendations

Atomic City Transit staff will continue to follow measures to further enhance public health safety as fixed-route bus service resumes: 

  • Hand sanitizer is available on all vehicles for both customers and staff
  • All transit vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to being put into daily service, as well as high touch areas disinfected between trips, throughout the day
  • Passengers will board and depart the bus only through the back doors only (when available).
  • ACT staff will monitor bus capacity on each route to assure capacity compliance.

Since fixed route service will be available again on all routes beginning April 5th, the Dial-A-Ride service that had been operating in lieu of fixed-routes will no longer be provided.   

Please call our office (505) 661-RIDE (7433) for any additional information.  For the specific route service schedules, please visit our website at: