County: Home Visits Offered To Administer COVID-19 Vaccine To Certain Homebound Residents


Los Alamos County’s Emergency Management Office, in coordination with the Social Services Office, have begun offering COVID vaccines to those who meet the current criteria for the vaccine as defined by the State of New Mexico, but who may be homebound for medical reasons and therefore unable to attend a vaccine clinic at a local facility. 

Homebound residents are asked to call the Social Services Office at 662-8068 to arrange for their vaccination home visit. When calling, the individual will need to provide Social Services’ staff with their name, date of birth, confirmation number (received after registering on the DOH medical profile website), address, and phone number. Social Services’ staff will coordinate the visit with LAFD or Nambe Drugs’ staff who are able to administer the vaccine. The vaccine will be Moderna, requiring an initial vaccination plus one booster four weeks later.  These vaccines for the homebound will be partitioned from supplies coming to Los Alamos from the DOH for the vaccine clinics; therefore, if there is a high demand for home visits, supply will be balanced with the number registered for the clinics, which may determine how soon an individual can expect a home visit. 
To review the list of eligibility criteria, link to the main DOH Vaccine page: