Renee Ramsey’s Lego Creations Are A Big Hit With The Community

Renee Ramsey, 7, works on a five-level Lego structure at her Los Alamos home. Courtesy photo

A five-level building, which is part of a town built by Renee Ramsey of Legos, shows her creativity. Courtesy photo

Lego expert Renee Ramsey lies in front of the fireplace which holds her Lego town. Courtesy photo

One of the structures in Renee Ramsey’s Lego town. Courtesy photo

Note the staircase in the rear of this structure built by Renee Ramsey. Courtesy photo

Renee Ramsey with her greatest fan, her brother Jackson. Courtesy photo


Los Alamos seven-year old Renee Ramsey is impressing adults and children alike in the community with her Lego creations, particularly a whole town she recently built along the fireplace at her home. What started with a model of the home she shares with her father Scott, mother Kate and four-year old brother Jackson, ended up with multiple buildings, some of them five levels high.

Renee, a first grader who is homeschooled, told the Los Alamos Reporter she started playing with Legos when she was two years old. She has a huge bucket of Legos that she and Jackson enjoy. She said Jackson likes to help her and she likes his creations.

“He has good ideas, but he doesn’t put hair on his Lego guys,” Renee said.

Renee agreed that it is awesome that her mother lets her keep her construction out for everyone to enjoy. She said she has made houses, trucks, cars, airplaces, and even a pyramid with a crystal on the top. The town also features a bike, a skateboard and a motorcycle, she said.

When she grows up, Renee said she wants to be a Lego master and teach kids on the computer from far away. She loves to watch a television show called The Lego Masters and in real life, she likes to put on similar shows especially for her brother, Jackson, who by all accounts may be her biggest fan.

When she’s not playing or creating with Legos, Renee enjoys playing with her Polly Pocket dolls and their accessories as well as her many American Girl dolls.

Renee’s mother Kate said the family has been very active in the weekly online Library Lego Time hosted by the Los Alamos County Library System. In face, Kate had previously started the program for her homeschool group and when approached by Melissa Mackey at Mesa Public Library have the program go community-wide, Kate agreed.

Renee has dozens of ideas about new projects to work on and was very excited to be interviewed by the Los Alamos Reporter. Kate said Renee just wants to build her own things.

“I don’t think the Legos are going away anytime soon,” Kate said.

Library Lego Time is held Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Best suited to ages 4-10 years old, the program is on Zoom at and is run by youth services staff.