Community Invited To Presentation On Youth Risk & Resiliency Survey Results


The community is invited to a presentation on March 18, 2021 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm from the UNM Prevention  Research Center and NM Department of Health about Los Alamos County 2019 Youth Risk and Resiliency  Survey results. These virtual meetings are designed for anyone interested in the health of students, including  school district staff, students, parents, health professionals and other community members. 

Click here to register for the virtual presentation. Once you register for the event, an email will be sent out  the day before the presentation with information on how to connect. 

This report is a product of the NM Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (YRRS), a project that characterizes risk  behaviors and resiliency/protective factors among New Mexico youth. The survey is conducted with a  randomized sample of students in grades 6-12 every other year. Results are utilized to build on strengths and  address challenges through prevention programming and awareness campaigns. School staff, students,  parents, and community members continue to collaborate to build protective factors while implementing  evidence-based strategies to address the risk behaviors. 

New Mexico is unique in that the biannual survey includes questions about resilience and factors that protect  youth from harm. Some examples of protective factors include having a caring adult in your life, being  involved in extracurricular activities, and having a plan for continued education after high school. A total of  323 Los Alamos High School students responded to the survey and the results can be found here. A summary  of notable data points is included below. 

Noted Protective Factors: 

A parent or other adult believes I will be a success – 87.3% 
A teacher or other adult believes I will be a success – 76.7% 
I am involved in extracurricular activities – 66.3% 
There is an adult who really cares about me – 81.1% 
I have a friend about my own age who really cares about me – 85.6% 
I plan to go to college or some other school after high school – 88.4% 

High Priority Risk Behaviors: 

Non-suicidal self-injury 
Felt sadness or hopelessness 
Seriously considered suicide 
Current drinking

Five groups of students have been identified as being more vulnerable to higher risk behaviors:

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual students
Transgender, Gender Queer, Gender Fluid students
Foreign Born students
Students with Physical Disabilities/ Long Term Health Problems
Students Experiencing Homelessness

Los Alamos Public Schools coordinates a spectrum of prevention activities that are provided by school staff
and community partners with ancillary funding support from Los Alamos County. Contact Kristine Coblentz,
LAPS Healthy Schools Director, at or (505) 663-2263 for more information.