Councilor James Robinson: Update On COVID-19, Upcoming Issues For Council

Los Alamos County Council Vice-Chair

Let me begin this column with a brief COVID-19 update.

Los Alamos’s hard work has resulted in us achieving “Green” status on February 24th. This new status has reduced restrictions on our businesses and recreational facilities. Additionally, if we can maintain “Green” status for two consecutive periods, our community will move to the “Turquoise” level. This newest level lifts almost all restrictions, and beings us closer to “normal”.

Currently, the County has held several vaccination clinics, with many more planned. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has received emergency use authorization, and soon we will have three vaccines. The Council will continue to fight to get as many vaccines to our community as possible. Until then, the weekly CURATIVE testing at Overlook Park will continue. To sign up for a test, please go to Finally, if you need assistance or have additional questions, please call the County at 505-662-8333.

Moving on, I would like to give my thanks to the youth and County staff for coming together to actively provide and gather input for many County initiatives. During the Downtown Master Planning sessions, I recognized that there was no input from citizens 18 years or younger. After conversations with the County staff and the contractor, we worked with the schools, and held a special session for select middle and high school students. The session proved to be a resounding success and opened the doors to normalizing this effort.

Building on that success, the County is currently working with the many youth organizations and the schools to gather input on the needs and potential location for the “Tween Center”. I feel youth input is vital to many Council initiatives is undertaking, and I am pleased to see the willingness of our youth to be open with their ideas and frank with their issues. The youth not only currently enjoy many of our amenities, but will also continue to enjoy them 20 years or more into the future.

Finally, the Council is continuing to work hard on our other Strategic Priorities. At our March 16, 2021 work session, Council will review all the documentation gathered for the potential CB Fox/Reel Deal purchase and will make a decision on that initiative. Additionally, on March 23rd, the Council will review the 2020 Community Survey with the contractor, and will discuss the Communication Priority established in January. Next, on March 30, 2021, the Council will establish the Racial Equity and Inclusivity Task Force and appoint its members. The Council will then discuss Community Broadband, and potential creation of Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA) in White Rock. Finally, as we move into April, the Council will begin the annual budget hearings.

Thank you to all those who have sent positive comments on the updates I publish on my Facebook page – Councilor James Robinson. Please feel free to contact me at any time at